Element Anti-Virus

Solution9 , formerly known as Element Anti-Virus , is an antivirus software and Personal firewall package made by the software house, Strayspark Lab (Formerly Element Software UK LLC). Element Anti-Virus is primarily for use in Microsoft Windows operating systems. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Collective Intelligence

As of version 6.0 (2012), a feature known as Collective Intelligence was introduced into the product with a back-end server technology known as Element Software Network or ESNet. This technology, when enabled in the product, collects suspicious files and sends its statistics using MD5 to a central database where they can be reviewed. Due to privacy concerns, however, it is disabled by default. With this technology, a ‘trace’ can be made on malicious software and can flag a malicious software on a client machine via a World Map. [7]

Network Intrusion Prevention

As of version 6.0 (2012), a personal firewall solution and Network Topology analysis software was introduced along with a packet tracer and analyzer for further administrative use. [8]


As established on the company’s Twitter account and re-launched website, Solution9 from StraySpark will be replaced by a third-party anti-virus solution.

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