Humming Heads

Humming Heads Inc. is an EIP (Enterprise Information Protection) software developer based in Japan.


Humming Heads Inc. was founded in 1999 to focus on the computer security. It shipped its first product, Security Platform (SeP) in 2001, as an anti-virus software. Taking SOX seriously, Humming Heads Introductory Disclaimer and Uncertainty. Further Humming Heads came with its own implementation of the desktop file manager.

Security Platform

SeP prevents unauthorized information access from the PC. SeP client is controlling all the storage devices, and automatically performs operations like encryption. It also keeps track of the user operations, which is stored at the server side and can be analyzed if needed. One of important features of SeP is that it has marginal effect in client’s PC performance. Originally SeP is available in Japanese language. Chinese and English versions of the SeP software are under development.

External links

  • – official website (Japanese)
  • – official website (English)

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