Intego is a Mac security software company founded in 1997. They create backup , antivirus , antispam , firewall and data protection software for Mac OS X . The company’s slogan is “we protect your world.” In September 2007, Intego launched the Mac Security Blog , which provides articles about security issues, security updates, and security alerts. In early 2010, Intego released VirusBarrier X6 and Internet Security Barrier X6, the latter a bundle containing VirusBarrier X6, ContentBarrier, Personal Backup, Personal Antispam, and FileGuard.

Intego currently has offices in Austin, Texas , United States; Paris, France and Nagano , Japan. All of Intego’s products are universal binaries , and are available in several languages ​​(English, French, Japanese, German, Spanish and Italian). The CEO and founder of Intego is Laurent Marteau. [1]


Intego produces software such as VirusBarrier, ContentBarrier, Personal Backup, Personal Antispam and FileGuard, and the server-side malware protection product VirusBarrier Server. The company also sells its software in a security suite, under the Internet Security Barrier name, which contains several security programs, and they also offer protection for both Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows with its Dual Protection

VirusBarrier Server is a server-side anti-malware program for Mac OS X Server and its built-in e-mail server. Remote Management Console is a data program designed to manage other Intego software over a network. ContentBarrier is a parental control program, FileGuard is a data protection program, Personal Antispam is a spam filtering program, and Personal Backup is a backup program.


VirusBarrier is an antivirus and network protection app for Mac OS X v10.5 and Mac OS X v10.6 used to detect malware , spyware and malicious exploits . The program also has a two-way firewall, and antivandal protection to block network attacks. It also blocks web threats and phishing attempts, and provides data protection features for. It is a universal application and protects two Macs. The latest version is X6. Another version of VirusBarrier is called VirusBarrier Dual Protection and includes Panda Antivirus, an antivirus application for Microsoft Windows forIntel Macs running Windows XP or Windows Vista (under Boot Camp (software) or other similar software).


The latest version of VirusBarrier X6 is currently the Mac antivirus software with the highest rating, 4.5, from Macworld , praised for its low resource usage and fast scanning speed. [2] According to readers, 59 percent of voters in the 2011 Antivirus Readers’ Choice Awards voted Intego VirusBarrier as the “best Mac antivirus.” [3] Intego VirusBarrier X6 also earned the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award as the highest rated, best Mac antivirus software for 2011. [4]

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