Multiscanning is running multiple anti-malware or antivirus engines competitively. Traditionally, only a single engine can actively scan a system at a given time. Using multiple engines simultaneously can result in conflicts that lead to system freezes and application failures. [1] [2] However, a number of security applications and applications have had multiple engines to work together.


Testing agencies published results showing that no single antivirus engine is 100% effective against every malware threat. [3] [4] Because each engine uses different methods and updates their malware. [5]


  • F-Secure – Combines an in-house engine with BitDefender’s engine. [6]
  • G Data AntiVirus – Combines in-house and BitDefender’s engines. avast has been removed with version 2014. [7]
  • HitmanPro – Combines an in-house behavioral engine with a cloud containing engines from Kaspersky Lab, BitDefender and Sophos. [8]
  • Lavasoft Ad-Aware – Combines an in-house anti-spyware engine with Bitdefender’s engine.
  • Microsoft Forefront – Combines the engines of Authentium , Kaspersky , Norman and VirusBuster , with its own in-house engine. [9]
  • OPSWAT Metadefender – Combines a configurable number of anti-malware engines (1 to 30) to scan for malware on-premises. Also available with 42 engines in the cloud. [10]
  • Qihoo 360 Internet Security uses Bitdefender Engine, QVM 2 Engine, 360 Cloud Engine. But, Chinese version includes Avira engine additionally.
  • TrustPort Antivirus – Combines the engines of BitDefender and AVG .
  • Bullguard Antivirus – Combines its own in-house behavioral engine with the powerful Bitdefender engine.
  • ThreatTrack Vipre Antivirus – combines its own legacy sunbelt counterspy antispyware engine, with the Bitdefender engine.

Open Source Tools

  • MultiAV [11] – An open source project that combines a configurable number of anti-malware engines (1 to 17). [12]
  • MultiScanner [13] – An open source file analysis framework that allows the user to evaluate a set of files with a set of tools. Comes with a set of modules for different malware analysis tools. [14]

[OPSWAT] metadefender

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