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Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. is an IT security solutions provider headquartered in Pune, India. The company was originally known as CAT Computer Services (P) Ltd. and was started as a computer service center in 1995. The company was renamed as Quick Heal Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in 2007. [2]

The company develops security software for consumers, servers, cloud computing environments and small and medium enterprises and sells products directly to customers or through its partner channel. [3] Seqrite. [4] The companies are often tested and tested. [5] [6] [7]


Quick Heal was founded in 1995, as “CAT Computer Services (P) Ltd.” and renamed in 2007. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd. is listed on BSE [8] and NSE. [9]


In 2010, Quick Heal received an investment of ₹ 60 Crores from Sequoia Capital [10] and new branch offices were opened in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. In 2012, offices were opened in Japan and US, and in 2013, offices were opened in Africa and UAE.

In 2016, Quick Heal Technologies acquired an IT security firm Junco Technologies to launch Seqrite Services. [11]

In 2016, Quick Heal Technologies launched its IPO which valued the company at a market value of INR 15,000 Mn.


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