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Immunet is a free, cloud-based , community-driven antivirus application, using the ClamAV and its own engine. The software is complete with existing antivirus software . On January 5, 2011 it was announced that Immunet had been acquired by Sourcefire . [2] [3]

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Clam AntiVirus

Clam AntiVirus ( ClamAV ) is a free , cross-platform and open-source antivirus software toolkit that can detect many types of malicious software, including viruses . One of its main uses is on mail servers as a server-side email virus scanner. The app Was Developed for Unix and HAS third party versions available for AIX , BSD , HP-UX , Linux , macOS, OpenVMS , OSF (Tru64) and Solaris. As of version 0.97.5, ClamAV builds and runs on Microsoft Windows . [1] [2] Both ClamAV and its updates are made available free of charge.

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