TrustPort as is a software company, headquartered in Brno , Czech Republic , focused on IT data security. Its portfolio Consists of solutions for full data and network security for medium or wide businesses (TrustPort Threat Intelligence for network monitoring and protection contre attacks), for protection contre viruses , spyware and malware in general (Implementing icts own antivirus technology, using multiple scanning engines ), for filtering of unwanted data (eg email spamor objectionable website content; developing filtering technologies), for the assuring of confidentiality and authenticity of electronic data. All TrustPort’s products are designed for use by both users (individual computers) and industry users (extensive networks).


AEC as the predecessor of TrustPort

TrustPort was preceded by the AEC (abbreviation of Association for Electronics and Computers ), founded in 1991. AEC was specialized in the area of ​​data security and already in 1993 developed its own security software. Original AEC software products from the 1990s and has been branded as IronWare (included solutions for a file encryption, network communications protection, electronic mail encryption, etc.). These early products became the foundation of the TrustPort brand.

This is how IronWare Security Suite . In September 2000, based on the previous contract between AEC and Norman ASA , the IronWare Security Product Development and Development passed to the onwnership of Norman, and the software was renamed to Norman Security Suite. AEC has become a business partner of Norman for selling this software. In 2002, AEC once again started with DataShredder , TrustMail , and TrustPort Encryption at the Cebit computer expo . DataShredder was designed for irreversible deletion of sensitive data,TrustMailfor encryption and signing of data, TrustPort Encryption for encryption, with personal computers, and with mobile devices.

In 2003, AEC launched its TrustPort Certification Authority, the first certification authority in the Czech Republic, which supported trusted timestamping . In the same year, a second version of TrustMail was released, implementing the timestamping technology. Also a comprehensive security solution started to be shaped. The idea was to build unified software, integrating different elements, essential for computer security, like antivirus software , antispam , Firewall , or cryptography ; Sami at the time, both, personal computers and server computerwere to be protected. Reviews This was Originally named TrustPort Phoenix Rebel .

It was completed in 2005 and after-dividing into three main products it est devenu Known As TrustPort Workstation , Internet TrustPort Gateway and TrustPort WebFilter .

TrustPort’s gaining of independence

In November 2007, an agreement between AEC and Cleverlance was signed. Cleverlance as the new owner of AEC made a strategic decision to form a standalone company out of the AEC development department. In March 2008, the new company with the name TrustPort was officially established with Jiří Mrnuštík as the first chief executive officer . AEC became a TrustPort reseller .

Later that year, two major changes were made in TrustPort product portfolio. TrustPort Workstation is trusted to TrustPort PC Security , in order to align the product with the products of competing companies. And TrustPort Antivirushas been established as a standalone product for essential antimalware protection.

Since the foundation of TrustPort as a standalone company, business partnerships have been established with important distributors around the globe, eg in United Kingdom , Canada , Italy , India , Mexico , Colombia , Spain , France etc. Nowadays, TrustPort offers software for home users, small offices and middle and large companies specializing in data and network security and protection.

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