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Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper , known as Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware , is an antimalware utility developed by Webroot Software . The product added an antivirus detection engine to the company’s previous standalone antispyware product Spy Sweeper . [1]


The product was born on October 30, 2006 with the name Spy Sweeper with Antivirus. [2] The product was re-launched a year later on October 24, 2007 as Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware and Firewall. This enhanced and rebranded version of of the product included a new two-way firewall built into it and various other currency Including Windows Vista Compatibility. [3]

The most recent version of the product is Webroot Antivirus with Spy Sweeper 7.0 which was launched on July 27, 2010 [4]

Version History

All versions of the product Have Had antivirus and antispyware malware detection Within Them purpose various exchange to user interfaces, system shields, additional features and added new Compatibilities with Microsoft Windowsoperating systems-have changed. [5]

Version 5.0

Version 5.2 received an editor’s choice for the integration and effectiveness of combining antispyware and antivirus utilities into one product. Some shield names changed with this version of the Spy Communication Shield being renamed the Internet Shield Communication, and the Spy Shield Installation was changed to Shield Installation. [6] This product has been updated to a quick Sweep option that allowed users to quickly scan the computer. Various Smart Shields that protect the PC from changes in ActiveX controls or other common browser threats. This update also included daily definition Flex Defs (flexible definitions) updates. [7]

Version 5.3 added Windows Vista compatibility to the product. [8]

Version 5.5 added several changes to the real-time protection shields within the product. The Execution Shield and File System Shield has replaced the old Spy Installation Shield but still work together. “System Services shield” has been added to prevent unauthorized changes to the Microsoft Windows system. The Email Attachments Shield was also added and allows for scanning of email attachments for malware. [9] Behavioral based detection was introduced in this release for zero-day threats to be dealt with before they hit the system. [10]

Version 5.8 added compatibility for 64-bit Vista and a “Gamer Mode” that allows you to play online games uninterrupted with notifications while backgrounds run in the background. [11]

Version 6.0

Product included 1GB of online space storage at time of release. The firewall component has been removed from this release. [12]

Version 7.0

Significant user interface changes have been made to the 7.0 version of the software as well as an optimized scanning feature. The new UI has been commented on by reviewers as being simplistic and easier to use than previous versions. [13] Tray icons are being added to the current state of the program. The three icons that are used include;

  1. Green – “Protected” state – Your computer is secure
  2. Yellow – “Warning” state – One or more messages require your attention (Examples include; “Your subscription has expired.”, “Your file storage space is running low.”, “You have not activated your software.”)
  3. Red – “Critical” state – One or more critical items require your intervention, “Firewall is allowing all traffic.”

A “fix it now” feature has been added to the 7.0 versions that allows users to have the Webroot software resolve the situation without any user interaction. [14]

This version added automatic periodic scans of the computer which has eliminated the option for Quick Sweeps or Full Sweeps as seen in previous versions. By default, the 7.0 version has eliminated the option to run off virus-scanning. There are some accesses to a web portal accessible from any computer with web access that includes information about your software license and access to certain tasks, such as upgrading your software and installing it on other computers. [15] The 7.0 version of this product does not require a reboot after installation as with previous versions.

Certifications and Awards

Webroot Antivirus with SpySweeper has received Virus Bulletin certifications for Windows EX, December 2009 on Windows 7, August 2008 for Windows XP, and February 2003 for Windows Server XP. [16]

Webroot Antivirus with SpySweeper ICSA labs certified for Desktop Anti-Virus Detection and Anti-Virus on Windows 7 32 and 64 bit. [17]

Numerous certifications dating from West Coast Labs for this product; Anti-Spyware Desktop, Anti-Trojan, Anti-Virus Desktop, Anti-Virus Disinfection and Desktop Firewall. [18]

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