AV-Comparatives is an Austrian independent organization that tests and evaluates antivirus software, regularly releasing charts and reports that are freely available to the public and the media. [1] [2] Antivirus vendors have to meet various requirements regarding trustworthiness and reliability in order to take part in testing. quote needed ]

AV-Comparative issues falling awards, based on antivirus software’s comprehensive performance according to multiple testing criteria. [3] It is also supported by the University of Innsbruck and other academic bodies from around the world, as well as by the Austrian Federal Government and the Regional Government of Tirol . [4]

Most known test: Real World Protection Test

The AV-Comparatives “Real World Protection Test” is a test environment that closely approximates how well an antivirus product will protect real-world users. Test results are released monthly (from March to June and August to November). Two detailed results are released in June and December. The Real World Protection Test framework was recognized by the “Standortagentur Tirol” with the 2012 Cluster Award for Innovation in Computer Science . [5]

Listing of tests and reviews by AV-Comparatives

  • Real-World Protection Tests
  • File Detection Tests
  • Heuristic / Behavior Test
  • False Alarm Test
  • PerformanceTest
  • Malware Removal Test
  • Anti-Phishing Test
  • Mac Security Reviews / Tests
  • Mobile Security Review
  • Corporate Security Reviews

Operating systems used for antivirus tests

  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • Android
  • Linux

AVC UnDroid Analyzer

AV-Comparatives has provided “UnDroid APK Analyzer” as a free service for its website users since May 2013. Designed for Android smartphone users, it provides a static analysis of Android apps. Users can upload an Android application package (APK) and receive a quick online analysis containing the file hashes, graphical hazard level and additional information. [6]

Awards and Certifications given to AV-Comparatives

  • 2015: EICAR trusted IT security testing lab [7]
  • 2013: Constantinus Award in Computer Science, [8] the highest award / certification given by Austrian Government (Chamber of Commerce) for projects in computer science.
  • 2012: Austrian eAward [9]
  • 2012: Cluster Award 2012 [10]

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